Welcome to the “Centro Cultural del Mezcal”!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of mezcal through four distinctive elements awaiting you here:

The world's largest Mezcal store.

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Patio - Bar el Gallo: a space where you can enjoy anything from breakfast to lively nights with food, drinks, and music.

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The Alambiq Restaurant: a unique gastronomic experience created by Chef Rodrigo Pacheco in collaboration with Alex Ruiz from Casa Oaxaca, paying homage to the authentic food of palenques and mezcal-making families.

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Our museum: delve into the history and production process of mezcal with our guided tastings.

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El lugar

All of this is housed within a 1675 mansion, carefully restored under the architectural direction of Alonso de la Fuente.

This space not only preserves the essence of its history but also projects it towards the future by exhibiting plastic works of renowned masters and new talents.
We invite you to experience something truly special at the Mezcal Cultural Center!

Bar El Gallo

Patio - Bar el Gallo occupies the central courtyard of the mansion, paying homage to Ferretería el Gallo, which had its warehouse here in the late 19th century.

Today, this space is presented as an urban oasis, adorned with the plastic works of Rolando Rojas, the lush vegetation of Oaxaca, water mirrors, and the impressive black mud bar, considered the largest in the world.

Our menu offers a variety that suits every hour of the day: from breakfast options in the morning to mezcal tastings and signature cocktails in the afternoon and evening.

The Patio comes to life in the afternoons and evenings, becoming the perfect place to enjoy drinks and food in a unique atmosphere.

The Shop

In Oaxaca, there are many high-quality mezcalerías, but none match the diversity and quality of the mezcal store at the Centro Cultural del Mezcal. Immerse yourself in a world of unique flavors, where visitors can taste, sample, and purchase a wide range of labels and brands.

Our store, the largest in the world, occupies several rooms around the central courtyard of the mansion. Our experts are always available to provide guidance and lead visitors through our impressive collection, which includes over 340 labels from more than 100 brands, covering over 18 types of agave.

For us, sustainability and fair trade are fundamental principles. That's why every mezcal we sell is purchased directly from producers at fair prices. Additionally, we've committed to planting one agave for every mezcal sold, and all our products are certified for quality, ensuring compliance with the highest regulatory standards.

We can't wait to share our passion for mezcal with you. Starting in July 2024, we'll also be available online! Stay updated on the latest news and events by following us on social media.

The Museum

Explore the history of mezcal and its various production processes in the first interactive museum dedicated to this fascinating beverage.

With seven themed rooms, our museum houses a wide collection of mezcals from various brands. During your visit, you will discover the fascinating history of mezcal, explore the diverse producing regions within the state of Oaxaca, and learn about the different varieties of agave used in its production.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to discover which type of agave best suits your palate with the help of our expert guides.

Are you ready to stimulate your senses?

As you journey through the history of mezcal, you will have the chance to taste a carefully curated selection of labels. From the smoothest to the boldest, each sip will take you on a sensory journey that will connect you with the soul of Oaxaca.

ALAMBIQ: inspired cuisine

(Coming Soon – July 20, 2024)

Complement your journey through the world of mezcal at the place where it all begins.

The name "Alambiq" means "still" in Zapotec, and it arises from the typical cuisine that transports us to a palenque, reinterpreting the snacks and dishes that are part of the daily life of master mezcaleros and accompany them throughout the distillation process to create mezcal.

The menu, carefully crafted by our chef Rodrigo Pacheco in collaboration with Chef Alex Ruiz (from Casa Oaxaca), is the result of months of research, visits to numerous palenques, encounters with fantastic people, and a deep appreciation for hyper-local ingredients. Each dish reflects the history of the women and men who have built the story of Oaxacan mezcal for generations.